Sunday, August 9, 2009


First time I chose McDonald’s brand because I’ve been interested in this brand for long time ago. I saw the Ronald McDonald and McDonald’s Logo in the television advertising. It is still popular and famous brand until nowadays. Before I would like to say about McDonald’s Blog, I’m proud to say “Thanks very much for aj. Gob who is a beloved teacher that gave many good skills for me such as creative skill, e-mail writing skill, researching skill and other skill related to this subject. After I’ve created this blog I think that I got many useful things to use in my real life. For example, creating the personal blog that I’ve known it before, and I also was the member of BlogSpot website. However, I couldn’t do anything in my blog because I didn’t know how to create the blog.

By the way, in sense of the brand image of McDonald for me is very excellent marketing strategies in branding strategy. Although I’ve never served McDonald’s food before, I think it very excellent attraction. Hopefully, I have a chance to be the customer of McDonald’s brand. According to my researching shows that McDonald’s is always new design, promotion sells and speedy service. Actually, there are many Thais and many people around the world pay intention on this brand.

Company Background

The McDonald’s started in 1954. Raymond Kroc who is the founder saw a hamburger stand in San Bernardino, California and visualized a nationwide fast food chain. Kroc tested himself as an ancestor who revolutionized the American restaurant industry. Actually, Raymond Kroc is esteemed being the Farther of Industry.

Today McDonald’s is the largest brand of fast food restaurant that serve 52 million customers per day more than 100 countries. With the world-class standard, McDonald’s unites the QSC&V standards strictly all McDonald’s restaurants around the world.

In 1985, the first McDonald’s restaurant in Thailand was opened at Amarin Plaza. Currently, there are more than 100 McDonald’s restaurants nationwide with a ring of convenient services at anytime and anywhere which including breakfast meals from 5.00-11.00 Am., Drive -thru, Dessert kiosk and McCafe. Besides, there is the McDelivery service on 1711 running from 9 Am. until midnight and some restaurant also offer 24-hour service to serve.

Monday, August 3, 2009


I’m interested in this brand because I think McDonald’s is global brand that is very popular in the fast food market. Actually, the bulk of people always view that McDonald’s is a junk food that isn’t useful for the customer’s health especially the children. In the other hand, McDonald’s always strongly stand among the competitors until nowadays. Therefore, this is the important reason why I chose to study this brand, and I also would like to know its marketing strategy that leads this brand to be the famous global brand.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Journal # 4

After we studied about brand image, teacher gave us to do something related to brand image that is job interview. Exactly, there are two important questions that is “Why are you qualified for this job?” and “Tell me reasons why I should hire you?” Actually, the target of these two questions is presentation our strength point. Therefore, we knew ourselves what is our positioning to present about our image in job interview. I thought that it was the best thing to make us understanding about brand image. According to my job interview activity, my important positioning or my strength point is punctual and responsible person. From this activity, I’ve learned many things that are speaking and solution skill and manner in job interview.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Journal # 3

Product strategy was the main topic which I’ve learned in this week. Surely, there are many function involves related to product strategy that is R&D, service, support, packaging, warranty and branding. Besides, there are two methods about product management that is what does a customer want? And what does a product mean to him? So, it is Philip Kotler' marketing theory about product management, and it is the important thing of marketer in creating customer’s value. The positioning brand, so each brand is a unique selling point because it has different product strategy. Therefore, brand equal with promise’ seller to the customer/ buyer because each brand has unique positioning in customer’ heart and mind. Then, they will buy it automatically because of brand impact that happens in their emotional want or physical want.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Brand And Positioning (Victoria's Secret)

Nowadays, there are various bras and many competitors in the underwear market. Therefore, loyalty brand is importance for the marketer in each brand to find the positioning strategy of product, and present what is the positioning brand. Customer’ satisfaction, Customer’ want is the main factor of marketer for the marketing research, and the challenged thing is to make them be loyal in brand. Surely, each brand is difference about positioning brand. For the positioning of Victoria’s Secret brand is STYLE. Exactly, the customer doesn’t buy a bra but they buy their styles that make them to be sexy image. Actually, price isn’t main influence for the customer who is loyal in brand. On the other hand, the emotion is the main influence which persuades them wants to buy or wears it. Surely it makes them lo be sexy person if they wear a Victoria’s Secret Brand.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Journal # 1

I learned many things about general business for the first class. For example, I knew about business, blog, and other thing that related to business or trade. Then, I liked this class so much because I’ve participated with my member groups to share useful ideas together. Form this point, it made me to practice speaking and listening skill because when I shared ideas with my member groups, I always use English language to communicate with my member groups and tried to make them understood what I said. Moreover, I was interested in teacher’s teaching style because she gave us clearly understanding about what she said or wanted. Besides, I felt relaxing in studying because her smile, and she also understood her students.
Finally, I think this course is interesting for me because I’ve learned about international business before. Now, I have a chance to review it again after I’ve studied this subject for long times ago. Surely, I always like to study the course related to international business or marketing so much. I have to think or analysis all times about business because it always changes all time. This is why I usually like to learn it.